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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Water Demands for Cannabis

While Cannabis does in fact require quite a bit of water it prefers the application be across a long period of time and evenly...


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Goodbye Medical MJ, Hello ‘Medical AND Adult-Use’ Cannabis

California, the undisputed pioneer of state-level cannabis decriminalization, is about to make history again with the 2018 rollout of the largest regulated marijuana market...

Cannabis cultivation won’t harm California’s environment if growers stick to new rules

So long as marijuana growers control water runoff, use renewable energy, grow only in permitted areas and stick to other proposed state regulations, the...

Marijuana: Facts About Cannabis

A 10,000-year-old archaeological site in Taiwan contains pottery fragments with a twisted strand imprinted around the edge, which some believe was made by pressing...

Commercial Medical Marijuana Permitting in Humboldt County


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