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Saturday, August 19, 2017

California Firms Up Marijuana Rules, Will Allow Deliveries

Lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown's administration are working to merge California's new voter-approved recreational pot law with the state's longstanding medical marijuana program. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/california/California-Firms-Up-Marijuana-Rules-Will-Allow-Deliveries-428646833.html

Leafly – Part 1, California Farmers: Grow Big or Go Home?

Scale up to industrial-size commodity production Build a high-end craft-scale niche brand Form or join an agricultural cooperative Retire or remain underground and...

Washington D.C. data firm to survey Humboldt County cannabis farmers

The Washington D.C.-based data analytics firm New Frontier is currently surveying Humboldt County cannabis farmers on how they are adapting to the newly regulated...

Supervisors revisit Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance

Supervisors revisit Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance http://krcrtv.com/north-coast-news/supervisors-revisit-commercial-medical-marijuana-land-use-ordinance/544378989

Cannabis and Trump: What Will Happen to Medical and Recreational Laws?

Nothing has really changed regarding the legal status of cannabis at the federal level since the election of President Trump. Marijuana is still federally...

When can you drive with weed in your car? A consumer guide to California...

Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers recently struck a deal on a plan to blend Proposition 64 and medical marijuana laws previously approved by the...

California Passes Bill to Regulate Medical and Adult-Use Markets

The Bureau of Cannabis Control will oversee all cannabis businesses in the state once Gov. Brown signs the bill into law. http://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/california-passes-maucrsa-bill-to-regulate-medical-adult-use-cannabis/  
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Is big alcohol taking a hit from legal weed?

A March 2017 research report by the Cannabiz Consumer Group similarly indicates that cannabis is cutting in on beer’s popularity. Researchers reported that 27 percent drinkers...

Google reveals what people really think about weed

Americans are searching for weed more than ever, according to Google trends. What are they searching for, when, and where? Let’s find out. http://www.businessinsider.com/weed-trends-google-2016-9/#interest-in-cannabis-is-rising-in-the-us-note-were-looking-at-all-weed-related-searches-here-as-grouped-by-google-machine-learning-1  

Marijuana: Facts About Cannabis

A 10,000-year-old archaeological site in Taiwan contains pottery fragments with a twisted strand imprinted around the edge, which some believe was made by pressing...